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Become The Ultimate Contractor

I believe most contractors fail because they don’t sell their products
and services at prices high enough and at volumes big enough.

I believe that the Ultimate Contractor possesses 3 essential skills:

#1: Simplicity – The ability to simplify their operations.

#2: Profitability – Understanding overhead components, efficiency and what drives profit.

#3: Brandability – The ability to market, package, and stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.


Noun- The BEST achievable or imaginable of it’s kind.

Adjective- The BEST, most, or greatest of it’s kind!


Meet Shane Ray

Known as “The Big Kahuna”

Shane Ray known as “The Big Kahuna” and turned the air conditioning world upside down when he founded Aloha Air Conditioning on a limited budget and quickly became one of the most recognized and memorable brands in his market. He has taken his decades of industry knowledge and packaged it into systems and structures to streamline, simply and drive profitability to your business.

Experience The Big Kahuna’s Ultimate Contractor!

Direct access to Shane’s biggest coaching program, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose what you want to learn, whenever you want.